Calverley Woods (12), Leeds, West Yorkshire

Cup-Marked Stone:  OS Grid Reference – SE 2006 3790

Also Known as

  1. Carving no.12 (Boughey & Vickerman)

Getting Here

Lost Cup-Marked Stone, Calverley Woods
Lost Cup-Marked Stone, Calverley Woods

Troublesome really, as it’s got lost somewhere amidst the undergrowth.  From the valley bottom at Apperley Bridge, take the road-then-track which goes up thru the Calverley Cutting (as locals call it), turning left along the dirt-track just as the track begins to slope uphill.  Go past the detached house in the edge of the trees and shortly past there is a small footpath taking you into the trees on your left,  Walk down and along here, near the bottom of the tree-line above the walling.  If you find it, let us know!

Archaeology & History

Included in Boughey & Vickerman’s (2003) survey as ‘stone 12’ – it was first described by Sidney Jackson in 1954, who later gave us a map and drawing of the stone.  I looked for it several times x-number of years back, but never found it (though was led astray a little by the profusion of Amanitas in the locale!).  Comprising at least 18 cup-markings on a generally flat rock surface, to this day the carving remains unfound, though is probably under the herbage hereabouts.  The same fate seems to have befallen the West Woods 1 and West Woods 2 carvings in another part of the same woods.  Does anyone know what’s become of them?


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  1. Haven’t found this but will def look as I walk down there regularly. Would need clearer instructions. Valley bottom ? Calverly Cutting? Humm, not that local but live in Calverley?
    Name of road leading to dirt track would be useful?
    I have found the old stone that commemorates the flooded bridge and new one circa 1860 down that way and am wondering if this is same road leading to the farm next to the canal?
    You might be interested in my website page on astro meteorology at
    where I discuss parapegmata and a potential cup and ring connection with this ancient method of recording weather?
    cheers good read, like the blog
    mine is we can link if only I knew how to do it!

  2. Yeah, point taken on the difficult to find bit. Had a fun but fruitless afternoon looking for it today. I see Leeds Council have it as a scheduled monument and there’s a pdf map but still no joy. Has anybody else actually found it recently?

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