The Cartwright Hall Archaeology Group Bulletin was a locally published non-copyrighted archaeo-history rag-mag that emerged in the 1950s, edited by amateur archaeologist, Sidney Jackson. Jackson was curator at the Cartwright Hall Museum on the outskirts of Bratf’d, West Yorkshire, with a keen interest in local history and, over the years, became one in a small band of similar characters. They held regular meetings and made regular visits to ancient sites, mainly around West Yorkshire. In the process, they uncovered many previously undiscovered sites in the region – and in the Bulletin they published their findings. It has never been seen on-line; but thanks to help from Bratf’d libraries, the entire run of their magazine has been provided to us. In the coming months we will make available every edition of the Bulletin, to be made use of by students and academics alike. Please be patient, as there are a lot of them – and there’s presently only one person doing all the work.

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