This is more a miscellaneous gathering of ancient sites whose exact provenance remains ‘unknown’, mainly due to a lack of archaeological excavation. In the arena of earthworks we tend to find unclassified settlements, henges, dykes – even hillforts & remains from medieval period. In the event that a site in this section becomes recognized as something specific, let us know & we’ll change it and pop it where it belongs!

Earthworks:  Bibliography

  1. Beadle Hill, Extwistle, Burnley, Lancashire
  2. The Carrs, Ovenden, Halifax, West Yorkshire
  3. Castle Stead, Cullingworth, West Yorkshire
  4. Castlestead Ring, Cullingworth, West Yorkshire
  5. Catstones Ring, Harden, West Yorkshire
  6. Counter Hill, Addingham, West Yorkshire
  7. Danes Dyke, Flamborough, East Yorkshire
  8. Litton Cheney, Dorset
  9. Winsbury Hill, Marksbury, Somerset