Adding a Site

If you wish to add a site-profile, or information to pages, it’s nice and easy. Contact us at and simply ask to be a Contributor.  You’ll be sent an invite so you can act as a Contributor/Author straight away.

Whenever you’re adding a new site-profile (an archaeological site entry), there are a number of important essentials to keep in mind when you are doing a write-up.  They’re easy, simple – but nonetheless essential.

  1. Getting Here“.  This is probably the easiest piece to write.  How did you make your way to the site?  Try making it as lucid and simple as possible, imagining that you’re strying to tell a friend of yours how to get there – in particular, a friend who’s terrible at directions! (we all know someone like that)  Tell it to them as good as you possibly can, so they can find the site nice n’ easy.

    Hint: if you are good at reading maps yourself (it helps!) don’t forget to give the names of the street or road/s if the site in in a town; or the number of the road (like the A1, or B32) if the site is in the country.

  2. Archaeology & History“.  This is essentially the core data of the site you are writing about.  Make sure it’s well researched, and properly referenced – unless of course, it’s a new discovery you’ve made (in which case you can add any compaative references you deem relevant to the site).  In this section you can add any astro-archaeological (or archaeo-astronomical) factors that are apparent at the site, but references or your own research data and/or illustrations are essential.  Place-name information can be vital and relative to the site-profile, but ensure that you give the relevant

  3. Folklore“.  As important as the Archaeology & History are the traditions and customs relating to sites, as they tell us about important cultural relationships that our ancestors had with the places in question.  When describing them, always cite the books or journals you have got your information from.  If it is a tradition told you by a local person, tell us that too.  In this section you can include information about alignments and leys – but ensure that the data is justified, and not just “someone told me there were ley-lines here”, or “the energies are powerful here.”  Accompany your information about any leys with maps or diagrams.  If you have dowsed at a site and found actual features, this can be included; but tell us detailed information and sketches of your findings. Dowsing and sensing ‘energies’ is not to be included.

  4. References“.  Please give all references you’ve used and write in the basic format: Author (surname first), book title, publisher, year published. Simple.

Please note that as a new contributor, your first few site-profiles will be checked over and edited where necessary before becoming active.  In the event that you have any questions or problems with any issues about site-profiles you wish to add, just give us a shout at:

(allow us mebbe 7 days to get back to you).