Lower Lanshaw Stone (01), Askwith Moor, North Yorkshire

Cup-Marked Stone:  OS Grid Reference – SE 16033 50858 

Getting Here

Lower Lanshaw Cup-marked Stone

Start at the Askwith Moor parking spot on Askwith Moor Road, then walk down the road (south) 300 yards till you reach the gate and track on the other side of the road, heading southeast.  Following the track onto the moor and take the footpath on your right after 75 yards. Follow this along until you hit the gate & fence.  Climb over this, then follow the same fence along (left) and down, and keep following the fence and walling all the way on until you reach the very bottom southwestern edge of Askwith Moor itself.  Now, walk up the slope to your right and, near the top of this rise 200 yards or so away are 2 or 3 rocks close to each other.  You’re here!

Archaeology & History

On the small, unnamed hill at the very far southwestern edge of Askwith Moor, within the unrecorded Lower Lanshaw enclosure is this previously unrecorded cup-marked stone that has been found thanks to further heather burning operations hereby.  But it’s nowt much to shout about if you’re after big colourful designs.  This is merely one of the many single cup-marked rocks scattering the Yorkshire uplands.  The large pecked cup, nearly 2 inches in diameter, is found on the lower eastern end of a long, sloping stone. Along the same ridge are also faint remains of ancient walling.

A very faint cup-and-ring stone can be found just over the brow of the hill from here, about 30 yards northeast (at SE 16059 50875) in the northeastern edge of the Bronze Age enclosure walling.

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