Hope Farm, Baildon, West Yorkshire

Cup-and-Ring Stone (lost):  OS Grid Reference – SE 142 396

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Listed in Boughey & Vickerman’s (2003) survey as ‘stone 186,’ I first came across a reference to this carving when I was young, in a short article by Sidney Jackson (1964) in his Cartwright Hall archaeology journal.  A letter was sent to Mr Jackson in 1963 by a Mr Bernard Stubbs of Baildon, who wrote:

“This morning I visited Hope Farm, Baildon, where Mr Jim Bell, the farmer, told me of a cup-and-ring boulder which he had discovered while digging a hole to bury a sheep, in the polt of land at the rear of the farmhouse… He stated that the hole was covered with cup-and-ring markings.  Unfortunately, the hole has been filled and concreted over.”

And no one has seen it since then!  Damn!  Recently we discovered a cup-marked stone carved on a now-upright stone in old walling in one of the fields immediately west of the farm, but it’s obviously a different one from that described in Mr Stubbs’ letter.  There are several other carvings in this region that are not in the official records, but this particular ‘lost’ stone remains lost for the time being!


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