Middleton Moor Carving 002, North Yorkshire

Cup-and-Ring Stone:  OS Grid Reference – SE 1154 5202


Photo by Richard Stroud

Getting Here

To find this, follow exactly the same directions as that of the Middleton Moor Carving 001, which is just a few yards away. Both of these stones may take some finding when the heather’s deep — but when we first discovered them, the heather had recently been burnt back.

Archaeology & History

This small rounded stone had a covering of vegetation on it when Richard Stroud and I first discovered it in April 2005, with just a couple of cups visible, but once the heather’d been carefully rolled back, another fine carving greeted our keen-eyed petroglyphic senses!

Drawing of the carving
Drawing of the carving
…and again!

At least eight cups seem apparent here, though once Richard had the photos processed there appeared to be a couple of things on the stone which we hadn’t noticed when in the field (a common cup&ring dilemma). One of the most curious parts of the stone seems to be the winding line near the bottom of the stone. Make of it what you will!

Just a couple of yards east of this carving we find the rounded remains of a single burial cairn, probably for just one person, just like as with Middleton Moor 001.  This site could do with excavating, as we may have a small neolithic or Bronze-Age cemetery hiding under the heath.

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