Balgay Hill, Dundee, Angus

Cup-and-Ring Stone (removed):  OS Grid Reference – NO 378 308

Archaeology & History

Cup & ring stone of Balgay Hill

This little-known cup-and ring stone was found at ground level sometime around 2003, near the top of Balgay Hill.  A small portable stone that may have been broken from a larger slab, it has what seems to be two if not three cup-and-rings, accompanied by two or three single cup-marks.  One of the rings seems to have a faint line coming out of it.  Unfortunately none of this is clear in the photos I took (the one attached here is the best), as it lives under glass in Dundee Museum, so it was very difficult to get decent images.  It is now housed in the McManus Museum in Dundee (a damn good place, with very helpful staff) and well worth checking out if you’re in the area.

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Finavon, Oathlaw, Angus

Cup-and-Ring Stone (removed):  OS Grid Reference – NO 5061 5565

Archaeology & History

Finavon carving, now in Dundee Museum

Close to the western walls of the Finavon Iron Age hillfort this small (portable?) cup-and-ring stone was found at ground level in 1987.  It was probably knowingly reused in the construction of the hillfort, but whether it was just deemed as an innocuous carving thrown into the mass, or whether it held a place of importance cannot be known.

The primary design consists of a cupmark surrounded by a double-ring, with a line coming out of the central cup towards the edge of the stone.  The stone itself—measuring 12 inch by around 10 inch—has been cut from a larger piece, meaning the original design may have been larger.  It is now housed in the McManus Museum in Dundee (a damn good place, with very helpful staff).


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© Paul BennettThe Northern Antiquarian