Middleton Moor Carving (445), North Yorkshire

Cup-Marked Stone:  OS Grid Reference – SE 10917 51299

Getting Here

Follow the same directions to find Middleton Moor’s 441 carving.  Then, go across the small stream a bit further down the slope and up up the slope until you’re on the level.  Once on this small rise in the land, look up the slight slope where approaching the the fenced area.  You’re close!

Archaeology & History

Middleton Moor carving 445

On the Middle Ridge between the streams of Delves Beck and Dryas Dike, this small rounded triangular-shaped carved stone has eight simple cup-markings eroded, but notable on its smooth surface.  Boughey & Vickerman (2003) suggest some may be gunshot marks, which has to be considered at several of the seeming ‘cup-markings’ on this moor. (particularly at Carving no.440 less than 100 yards away)  Archaeo-astronomers amongst you will note the Cassiopeia-like central design on this design — though this is probably coincidental (it might have tickled mi fancy when I was going thru my astroarchaeology phase many years back, but not anymore).


  1. Boughey, Keith & Vickerman, E.A., Prehistoric Rock Art of the West Riding, WYAS 2003.

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