Ant’s Stone, Rivock, Keighley, West Yorkshire

Cup-Marked Stone:  OS Grid Reference – SE 0791 4422

Archaeology & History

Ant Stone, uncovered
Ant Stone, uncovered

Discovered today, amidst a cluster of other carvings not previously catalogued.  This was hidden beneath a mass of vegetation, but after cutting and digging into the peat on top of the stone, several cup-marks became evident.  By the side of the rock, measuring roughly 8 feet by 5 feet, was a small ant’s nest — hence the convenient name of the carving.

Central design of the carving
Central design of the carving

The main feature is the large, perhaps natural cup-mark, about 3 inches across.  But three distinct artificial cup-markings were etched around the edges of this larger ‘cup’.  When we found this stone, the daylight was nearing its end and we were unable to ascertain any further features carved onto the rock.  Several other carvings were close by, none of which were included in the survey by Boughey and Vickerman. (2003)  After we’d finished here, we covered the stone back over with its peaty quilt and hoped that the ants weren’t too pissed off about us disturbing them…

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