Lower Glovershaw, Baildon Moor, West Yorkshire

Ring Cairn:  OS Grid Reference – SE 13201 40124

Getting Here

Easy to find if you go at the right time of year — very troublesome to find if you go at the wrong time!  Check the place out at the end of winter, beginning of Spring.  It’s at the top end of Shipley Glen, just past where the road bends round and goes uphill.  About 50 yards up, on the left side of the road walk into the grasslands for less than 100 yards.  Look around!

Archaeology & History

An intriguing site this one.  Intriguing as it wasn’t in the archaeological registers when I first came across it — and I’m really unsure whether it’s in there now.  It probably has, as John Barnatt came here with some earth-mystery folk in 1982!  But when I first visited this site in 1975 it seemed no one knew about it — and little has changed since then.

It is an enclosed ring of stones less than 30 feet across with an earth embankment separating it from what seems like a secondary ring on its outer edge, a foot or two away.  This didn’t appear to surround the complete ring and may have been damaged.  It had an appearance similar in size, shape and form to the Roms Law and Harden Moor sites, and thankfully in reasonable condition. I don’t think any excavation has yet been performed here though.

There are a number of other small standing stones on the outskirts of this ring that may have some relationship with the site, but we need excavation to prove one way or the other.  Several very well-preserved cup-marked stones are close by.


Intriguing to those of you who are fascinated by alignments between sites, or ‘leys’, as an impressive lines runs through this site. Starting at the little known Hirst Woods Circle and terminating at the giant Great Skirtful of Stones cairn, once passing over the now destroyed Weecher circle and the Brackenhall Green ring on its way.


  1. Bennett, Paul, The Old Stones of Elmet, Capall Bann: Chieveley 2001.

© Paul Bennett, The Northern Antiquarian

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