Druidsfield (03), Lochearnhead, Perthshire

Cup-Marked Stone:  OS Grid Reference – NN 58760 23087

The Druidsfield-3 carved stone
The Druidsfield-3 carved stone

Also Known as:

  1. Canmore ID 24126

Getting Here

Follow the same directions described to reach the Druidsfield 1 and 2 carvings.  This one is the larger upright block right next to them!

Archaeology & History

Several of the faint cups visible
Several of the faint cups visible

Contextually relevant to the two adjacent carvings, this is the largest of the three stones and comprises of a number of natural deep marks associated with between eight or ten man-made cup-markings.  They’re not all immediately apparent, but stand out more as and when natural lighting conditions change.  All of them are on the north and northwestern section of the stone, and measure between 1-3 inches across.  This is the least visually impressive of the stones in this petroglyph cluster.


The carvings here were said by one of the locals to have been part of a “druid’s circle, which we played in as children, and were always told had been a special place of the druids in ancient times.”


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Acknowledgements – Huge thanks to Paul Hornby for help and use of his photos.

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