Hollin Tree Hill, Askwith Moor, North Yorkshire

Standing Stone:  OS Grid Reference – SE 16611 50818

Getting Here

Follow the directions to reach the Man Stone carving.  Walk up the sloping hillside from there until you reach the top.  From there, walk down the slope heading slightly to your left.  You’ll find it!

Archaeology & History

A small upright stone, less than three feet tall, but once a little taller as you’ll see that it’s head has been knocked off in the not-too-distant future and lies on the ground by its side.  A small scatter of what seems like possible cairn-material lies around its base, but not enough to imply that a tomb of any sort was ever here (aswell as that, the position on the slope seems wrong).

A curious little thing, without archaeological companions.  When we came here the other day, we explored the ground all round the stone as all the heather had been burnt back; but there was nothing anywhere near it to give a hint as to why it stands here, alone, at what seems like a strange spot two-thirds the way up a moorland slope. It’s been speculated that in the middle of its more north-facing side there is a cup-mark on it, but this is very dubious and, in my opinion, should be discounted as such.  The marking is a gun-shot wound – and more recent ones have just been added, as seen  in the photo.

© Paul Bennett, The Northern Antiquarian

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