West Mains (01), Turin Hill, Aberlemno, Angus

Cup-Marked Stone:  OS Grid Reference – NO 52137 53694

Getting Here

West Mains 1 Cup-Marks
West Mains 1

Follow the same directions as if you’re looking for the Doo’cot Woods carving; but, in the field that you have to cross before entering the trees, about 50 yards down from the top of the field, a geological ridge of stone runs along into the trees themselves.  The carving is along this ridge in the field.  Walk along and you’ll find it! (the grid-reference for this carving is slightly off-centre and needs correcting)

Archaeology & History

Cup-marks from above
Cup-marks from above

Not described in earlier surveys, this is one of two cup-marked stones close to each other along this long ridge of stone reaching across the field.  The carving has three distinct cups, as shown in the photos, and another two more faded ones. No other features seemed visible when we were here.  We must, however, be careful with this and other ‘cup-markings’ in the area, as a lot of the stone is conglomerate and nodules of differing forms of rock (visible on nearby stones) fall away, leaving cup-like impressions where the softer stone erodes. Some of the cup-markings listed in John Sherriff’s (1995) survey of this region seem to be purely geological in nature and not man-made.  Several more visits are needed here so we can ascertain the valid carvings from the geological features.


  1. Sherriff, John, “Prehistoric rock-carving in Angus,” in Tayside & Fife Archaeological Journal, volume 1, 1995.

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