Lady Well, Headon, Nottinghamshire

Holy Well:  OS Grid Reference – SK 748 779

Lady Well, Headon
Lady Well, Headon

Getting Here

Follow the road around from Headon village to the Ladywell estate and on the left hand side is a small copse and footpath. It is near the junction of Greenspotts Lane and Lady Well Lane. Park carefully near here and walk down the small ravine to the well.

History & Archaeology

Close-up of the well
Close-up of the well

Only two dates can be confirmed of this site. One a reference in County records of mending a bridge to a ‘Ladyewell‘ in the nearby Markham parish, but this could easily be another site.  A better date is that  1718 which is carved on its arch. It was used as a source of water  until the 1930s. One of the most atmospheric and pleasantly situated sites, the spring is located in a small wooded dell and arises from the rock in a small alcove or cave.  This is fronted by a red brick arch, and the water fills a trough set partly into the ground with a small overflow lip and a channel to fill it, presumably this was for animals. On the key stone of the arch are the initials ‘HW’ and a date which possibly reads 1718.

Dressed for 2000AD
Dressed for 2000AD


I have found no traditions of healing or other folk belief. However, the site was one of the few Nottinghamshire well dressing sites.  This began in 1981 and continued until 1991, and there was a one-off occurred in 2000 AD.  It was done on the weekend of the churches Patronal festival—St. Peter’s—and was used to use to pay for the church repairs.  The well dressing boards were of a Derbyshire tradition, as can be seen here to the right.


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