Picts Cross Stone, Sellack, Herefordshire

Standing Stone:  OS Grid Reference – SO 5607 2669

Archaeology & History

Picts Cross Stone (after Alfred Watkins, 1930)
Picts Cross Stone (after Alfred Watkins, 1930)

In September, 1928, the old ley-hunter Alfred Watkins was out on one of his many rambles when he “saw a tall stone almost buried in the bank at this crossroads,” appropriately known as Picts Cross, about a mile south of Sellack — so he called it the ‘Picts Cross Stone.’  He also said,

“It was Pricker’s and Prick’s Cross in 18th century maps, and Pig’s Cross in the 1832 Ord. Map. Now ‘pig’ is the present Welsh word for “a peak, a point, a pike.””

And a lovely pointy old stone it looks in his old photo!  The monolith is in the hedgerow along the old boundary line.


  1. Watkins, Alfred, The Old Standing Crosses of Herefordshire, Simpkin Marshall: London 1930.

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  1. Have just found my ancestors (2nd g-grandparents) came from Sellack. Names William (1801-) and Mary (1795-) Cater. Address was ‘Hodges’, Sellack. Nearby lived Mary Tommey (age 25) with whom my grandmother Harriet Cater lived for a period after the death of her mother. Fascinaing discovery!
    Bruce Gibson-WIlde OAM, Townsville Qld, Australia Em bruce@gibwilde.com.au
    22 Jan 2023

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