Gull Stones, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Stone Circle (destroyed):  OS Grid Reference – TG 524 035

Archaeology & History

Several local history records describe there being a circle of ten standing stones in a field called ‘Stone-field’ or ‘Stone-piece’ – now covered by a housing estate at Gorleston-on-Sea, south of Yarmouth.  In 1875, C. J. Palmer said that,

“there is a tradition that the Druids had a temple at Gorleston, some remains of which existed down to a comparatively recent period. It is supposed to have stood on a field next to the road to Lowestoft, upon what is called Great Stone Close; and it has been asserted that some huge stones remained standing until 1768, when they were destroyed by digging round their base and dragging them down by ropes. There are also two fields called Further Stone Close and Middle Stone Close, so that it is possible the Druidical circle, if it ever existed, may have had a wide extent”.

A painting of the site was reported to have been viewed by members of the Norfolk & Norwich Archaeological Society in 1888, but I’ve been unable to find out where this has gone.  Anyone out there got a copy?  Or know where it hangs?  An image of this lost stone circle would be hugely welcome!


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  1. Hey megalithix,
    Interesting stuff…. hey local truthers and history people… I read somewhere about the stones of gorleston.. ripped down and I know where at least one is.. I have sat with it since i was a littlin.. I am on the shamanic path and am a truthseeking filmaker now putting together a short youtube film series..

    Any dowsers, holders of wisdom out there??? So close to the st Michael’s line….Im going deep into the rabbit hole with this one…. Wanna get involved? Have any suggestions / info? photos of painting mentioned?? Thanks in advance

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