Roghadal, Harris, Outer Hebrides

‘Stone Circle’:  OS Grid Reference – NG 0496 82914

Archaeology & History

Not included in Burl’s (2000) magnum opus, it looks as if this place has long since gone – but perhaps a local or a wanderer might find remnants of it still there somewhere. The only thing I’ve so far found about it is in Martin Martin’s journey here in 1695, where he described this “stone circle in the sea” thus:

“On the east-side of the village Rowdil, there is a circle of stone, within 8 yards of the shore: it is about 3 fathoms under water, and about 2 stories high: it is in form broader above than below, like to the lower story of a kiln: I saw it perfectly on one side, but the season being then windy, hindered me from a full view of it. The natives say that there is such another circle of less compass in the Pool Borodil, on the other side of the bay.”

Local people say that the structure is a natural one, with others of a similar nature found close by.  Does anyone know more about this – and perhaps about the other apparent circle at Borasdal, less than a mile to the west?


  1. Martin, Martin, A Description of the Western Islands of Scotland in 1695, Eneas Mackay: Stirling 1934.

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