Egg Well, Ashenhurst, Leek, Staffordshire

Healing Well:  OS Grid Reference — SK 005 540

Egg Well, Ashenhurst

Egg Well, Ashenhurst

Getting Here

Just outside of Leek a right-hand lane leads to the small hamlet of Ashenhurst, turning left pass the gated road and on the right hand side at the next fork is the The egg well on the right in a small brick building.

Archaeology & History

The Egg Well is a curious site.  No evidence appears to record it as a holy well, nor a spa— but it appears to be a secular healing well.  Local tradition believes that the site was used by the Roman, but the older fabric was set in place by William Stanley, the owner of Ashenhurst Hall bewteen 1744 and 1752.  The present house was erected in the 19th century.

Waters of the well

Waters of the well

The name of the well is curious; it could refer to the shape of the basin, but could also refer to sulphurous waters although I could not detect a smell.  Today, a rather ugly 19th century brick-built structure surrounds this stone lined bath-shaped structure, which was roofed at a later date.


The site was used by the Romans, but there is no evidence.  Its properties are recorded on the basin is this monogram and an interesting Latin inscription which reads:

“Renibus, et splenui cordi, jecorique medatur, Mille maelsi prodest ista salubris aqua.”

The translation being:

“The liver, kidneys, heart’s disease these waters remedy. And by their healing powers assuage full many a malady.”


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