Seven Springs, North Ockendon, Essex

Healing Wells:  OS Grid Reference – TQ 590 850

Archaeology & History

Although nothing is made of this site in Reaney’s Place-Names of Essex (1935), in Mr Wilson’s (1881) great history book of this region he told that an early spelling of the village was Wokyndon Septemfontium, or Setfontayna and also Seetfountaynes, indicating it as a “site of seven springs of water.”  Amidst a quite different and plain derivation of Ockendon being little other than ‘Wocca’s Hill,’ Reaney (1935) does mention how the village “was also named after Ralph de Septem Fontibus,” which is certainly “Ralph of the Seven Springs,” but says nothing more about it, as if to quaintly pass it by.  There is a similar local notary of the Baldwin family from the village who, in 1320, styled himself as ‘Badewinus de Wokyndon Setfontans’ relating again to Seven Springs.  However, no precise geographical position can be shown where such waters arose and no field-name surveys exist to substantiate the whereabouts of the site.  In the fine synopsis on mineral wells by Christy & Thresh (1910) they also cite these early literary accounts, but are unable to provide a location.  Does anyone know more?


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This site entry is dedicated to Sarah Hunt, once of North Ockendon, wherever she may be…

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  1. Check out my book on Essex holy wells, it’s generally identified as St Cedd’s well. The pond nearby could hide another six springs. Another theory is that the name came to the village and has not geographical relevance. You take our choices. Cheers Ross

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